Oransaye report: Don’t scrap NSSEC, Principals Union begs Tinubu

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By Joyce Remi-Babayeju

The All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools, ANCOPSS, have pleaded for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s intervention to stop the implementation of the Oransaye Report recommendation to scrap the Senior Secondary Education Commission, SSEC.

At a press briefing on Thursday in Abuja, the National President of the Principals Union, Muhammad Musa who made the plea, said that scrapping the Commission would destroy the Secondary Education Sector and also frustrate the already built structure.

Daybreak reports that , a month ago, President Tinubu had ordered the full implemention of the Oransaye report on scrapping of the Secondary Education Commission when the government announced the merging, subsuming and scrapping of several agencies.

Musa stated that it is at the Secondary School education level t that learners are provided with skills to be useful to self, and the society.

In 2011, former President Goodluck Jonathan established the Presidential Committees on Restructuring and Rationalization of Federal Government parastatals, commissions, and Agencies, with Mr. Steve Oronsaye as the chairman.

The report listed the National Senior Secondary Education Commission (NSSEC) among agencies to be scrapped and functions transferred to the department of Basic and Secondary Education in the Federal Ministry of Education.

Musa who is also the Principal Government Unity College, Nguru in Yobe state, said if the Oronsaye report’s axe is allowed to fall on the commission, it will bring an end to the current sustained collaborative efforts between NSSEC and the states for repositioning the schools.

According to Musa, if the scrapping of the Commission is done, it will leave senior secondary education and Technical Vocational Education and Training, as the only subsector without an intervention agency.

Scrapping NSSEC would leave senior secondary schools the only educational sub-sector without a body to provide funds for its development nationwide, Musa bemoaned.

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