Ossai Ovie Success Criticizes Paul Okoye for ‘Disrespecting’ In-Law at Traditional Marriage

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Controversial media personality Ossai Ovie Success has criticized singer Paul Okoye for allegedly disrespecting his in-law by not removing his red cap during a marriage introduction ceremony.

Recently, Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy of P Square, announced his impending marriage to Ivy Ifeoma, sharing photos of their traditional marriage introductions. The images showed the couple in traditional outfits, celebrating their union.

However, Ossai Ovie Success singled out a photo where an elder was praying for the couple. He claimed that Paul Okoye disrespected the elder by not removing his red cap during the prayer.

Ossai expressed that the elder, who is also an in-law, deserved more respect during the prayer, and Paul Okoye’s failure to remove his cap was a sign of disrespect towards the elder, his prayer, and cultural norms.

In his own words, Ossai stated:

“This is a total disrespect for the elder praying. An elder is praying for Rudeboy of P Square during his traditional marriage days back, and he is putting on a cap. Out of respect for the elder and his prayer, he ought to have taken off his cap while receiving the prayer. The man is not just an elder but also an in-law to him. Young guys nowadays lack respect because of the money in their possession. This is disrespectful to the elder, his prayer, and also to the culture.”

Ossai’s comments have sparked discussions on social media regarding traditional customs and respect for elders.

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