Osun State Police Command Issues Warning to Hunters Regarding Firearm Misuse

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The Osun State Police Command issued a stern warning on Wednesday, urging residents, particularly hunters, to exercise caution in handling firearms during hunting activities.

The caution comes in response to numerous reports of accidental discharge incidents resulting in fatalities and injuries. The Command emphasized the need for hunters to prioritize safety measures to prevent such tragic occurrences.

In a statement signed by the command’s spokesperson, Yemisi Opalola, it was emphasized that hunters should refrain from storing loaded firearms in their homes, as this could pose a risk, especially to children who may be tempted to play with them.

The statement highlighted the dangers associated with accidental discharge and urged hunters to adhere strictly to hunting regulations. It emphasized the importance of avoiding loading firearms in residential areas to minimize the risk of unintended firing.

The Command warned that negligence in handling firearms would not be tolerated and urged hunters to exercise utmost caution to prevent harm to themselves and others.

The statement concluded by urging hunters to prioritize safety at all times during hunting expeditions to avoid tragic accidents.

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