Oxlade Addresses Criticism Over Interaction with Late Singer Mohbad

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By   Milcah  Tanimu

Up-and-coming singer Oxlade has responded to criticism he faced after sharing a screenshot of a past interaction with the late singer Mohbad, providing evidence of his genuine affection for him.

Initially, Oxlade had posted a screenshot of a message sent by Mohbad in 2018, which he had ignored at the time. In the message, Mohbad had praised Oxlade’s singing talent, describing his voice as extraordinary and expressing his love for him. Adding to the controversy, Oxlade had also restricted Mohbad’s account on the platform.

Keen-eyed netizens noticed this and took to social media to criticize Oxlade, accusing him of insincerity and highlighting the prevalence of disingenuousness in the music industry.

In response to the backlash, Oxlade removed the initial post from his Instagram page and replaced it with another screenshot showing a chat between him and the late singer. In this conversation, both artists exchanged mutual praise and expressed their pride in each other.

This action by Oxlade stands as evidence of his authentic affection and respect for Mohbad. Similarly, Rema faced similar criticism after sharing a screenshot of a message he had received from Mohbad in 2020. Rema revealed that he had ignored the message until the late singer’s passing, expressing regret that it was now too late to respond.

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