Pastor decry marginalization of Southern Kaduna indigenes in employment, admission, others

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Says their children with 250 JAMB score denied admission for medicine but score of 180 from Katsina, Zamfara, Kano states get admitted

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A Christian leader of Southern Kaduna extraction and leading Pastor, The King Worship Chapel, Sabon Tasha Kaduna, Pastor David Ayuba Azzaman has made startling revelations, alleging that Southern Kaduna indigenes are denied admission into their state owned university and the federal university located in their state.

Popularly known as Azzaman Azzaman, the fearless Pastor also revealed that, aside denying them admission into Kaduna State University (KASU), and Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, their children are also being denied employment in those universities.

Pastor Azzaman disclosed these in an aggrieved elaborate statement he wrote entitled: “OP-ED: Christians In Kaduna State, today. “Education Our Jewel”.

He also lamented that with 250 JAMB scores, their children are not gaining admission to study medicine in ABU or KASU, while candidates with 180 scores from Katsina, Zamfara and Kano States were allowed to study medicine in same schools.

“They have taken away our Education, what we love. ABU Zaria, KASU we are denied admission and employment.
“With 250 JAMB points our children can not read courses like Medicine in ABU and even the state University while applicants with even 180 get admissions to read Medicine from State’s outside Kaduna, like Katsina, Zamfara and Kano.

“Christians of Kaduna have the highest enrollment of school children in the entire North West. Our Children go as far as Delta State University looking for admission, because in our own state even foreigners have value more than us.

“The persecution of Christians in Kaduna in the area of education is visible and glaring in the Principal officers of Kaduna State University KASU, which is the highest citadel of learning in the state.”, he noted.

He also lamented that “The Visitor to the University is a Muslim,
Chancellor a Muslim Pro Chancellor a Muslim, Vice Chancellor a Muslim, Registrar a Muslim, Librarian a Muslim,
Chief Security Officer.

The man of God also stated that in Kagarko LGA people are hungry, because the people cannot go to theirfarms.
“Just yesterday after the rains in Kaduna, I was discussing with my neighbour, a retired Police officer if he will farm this year, and he said farm? If you farm you are farming for Fulani cows.
“They will drive their cows inside your farm and they will stand watching and bragging”, he stated.

In vernacular,he said “Ku Yi Ma Gana za mu sassare ku mu yan yan kaku”. Defend yourself against them, the Government will send their DSS to fish you out. They will even tell you, “mu muke da gwamnati, kuyi maganan banza zamu yanyan ka ku”.

“Say anything, we will cut you in pieces. We own the government say anything stupid and see we will matchet you and pieces you. They say this while the cows eat our farm produce”, he added.

On civil service, he noted that
“Even when we were with Katsina State, the old Kaduna State, the Christians comprise a large chunk of the Civil service.

“Today, qualified Christians indigenes of Kaduna are not given appointment. If there is no qualified Muslim in Kaduna, they can go as far as Niger, Kogi or Ogun states to bring Muslims to fill the vacancies.

“Only Teaching Jobs with begging are left for Christians and they are often posted to areas infested by Fulani bandits”

On Christian genocide, Azzaman recounted that Christians killings started before, during and after elections starting from December 2022, adding “Dec. 2022: Gunmen killed 38, Mar. 2023: Gunmen killed 25, Apr. 2023: 10 Students abducted, Apr. 2023: Gunmen killed 37 and Apr. 2023 Gunmen Killed 29 respectively.

He quoted some national dailies news reports on horrific stories of Southern Kaduna attacks and killings by gunmen since 2022, hitherto, including the saturday latest night attacks and killings.
but expressed regret no single arrest has been made.

“Despite all what they do against Christians in the State, No single arrest by the government and the government hate to hear the word defend yourselves.

On politics, he noted “According to Wikipedia Southern Kaduna not the Southern Senatorial Zone has a population of 5.1m people out of the 12m predicted for Kaduna State in 2021.
“We are bigger than about 15 states in Nigeria, yet Politically we are at zero level due to the Manipulation and wickedness of those that even if they can cease the air we breathe they can do it because of hatred.

“Politically, they have vowed to take everything including the seat of the only Christian Senator in the Southern Senatorial Zone”, he stated.

He also lamented that the “Governor is a Muslim; “Deputy Governor, Muslim; “SSG, Muslim; Head of Service, Muslim; Chief of Staffs, Muslim; Speaker KSHA, Muslim; the 2 Ministers represent Kaduna are all Muslims”, according to the statement. “This is in a state with more than 5m Christians.

On land grabbing, he listed 31 displaced persons and their villages taken over in Kachia, 25 in Kajuru and one in Sabga LGAs as at 2020, so far, saying “when they kill the Christians they take over our lands.
“This lands grabbed by Fulanis was as at August 2020. I don’t know the situation of the lands now, if the indigenous people have taken back their lands or the land grabbers are still occupying this lands today.

“The Kaduna State Governor and President of NIgeria said we should forgive them, i don’t know whether including what they did and are still doing to Christians of Kaduna, which i doubt because the killings and wickedness against Christians in Kaduna have increased more.

“Nasiru El-rufai you have about 3 weeks to go if what you did to Christians in Kaduna is good may the God who resides in the secret place in the 3rd Heavens where no man of iniquity can approach Judge you.

“You claim to be educated but you lack single wisdom to bring Muslims and Christians of Kaduna together and govern us Fairly and Justly.
“Nigerians just know it’s not only Kaduna, it’s an agenda for the entire country. Christian Politicians you braze up to this Challenge of Islamization or you want to continue being “Useful Idiots”, it stated.

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