PDP: Gov Eno calls for inclusiveness

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By Ogenyi Ogenyi,Uyo

Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom has advised political stakeholders, and community leaders to carry every one along in the sharing of largesse accruing to the community from the government.

He has also assured on his administration’s commitment to bringing the government closer to the people at the grassroots.

Eno was addressing Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, faithfuls, weekend, during a state-wide ward meeting of the party at his Ibiakpan Obotim Ward 2, in Nsit Ubium Local Council.

The Governor described the meeting as a forum to unite the party and expressed gratitude to the people at the grassroots for their support to the candidates of the party during the elections.

The governor admonished leaders and members of PDP at the grassroot to endeavour to embrace all in the community and share the goodwill of government with them as a means to foster unity and pull estranged members back to the PDP family.

Governor Eno reiterated the determination of the state government to ensure transparency in the distribution of both Federal and State government augmented palliatives, stressing that the distribution should be based on village identity, particularly gazetted villages and devoid of political party sentiments.

“With their massive supports and overwhelming votes they put me into office, so I owe them a duty to go round to appreciate them and encourage them. In PDP we say power to the people. It is the people that own the power, we are just holding it in trust for them.

“We must understand that from time to time we have to go round and show respect and bring the government closer to the people because they elected us with hope.” He said.

He extended his gratitude and those occupying various positions on the platform of PDP to the entire wards across the state and assured on continuous interaction of his government with the grassroots.

The Governor was also at Ubium North Ward 3 Center where he went where he thanked the people for their support for the party and encouraged party faithfuls to remain loyal to the PDP.

The Ibiakpan Obotim Ward 2 Chairman and Chairman of Nsit Ubium Ward Chairmen Forum, Hon. Ukpong Michael, appreciated the governor for keeping his promise of coming down to the people at the ward level.

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