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PDP reacts to UK Lawmaker’s Verdict that Nigeria Cannot Survive Another Four Years Under Buhari

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says the verdict by the former United Kingdom Secretary of State for International Development and member of the UK Parliament, Priti Patel, that the corruption and recklessness of the President Muhammadu Buhari Presidency is responsible for our economic woes, vindicates Its position on this administration.

The party in a release said the verdict has also vindicated its stand that our nation cannot survive another four years under President Buhari, whose administration has a single agenda of ruining and running our economy aground.

The PDP further held that the finding by the UK parliamentarian that our nation has become grossly unsafe for investment since President Buhari took over office, due to his lack of transparency and gross disrespect for obligations, court orders and terms of transactions with investors, explains why the economy has been grinding in the last three and half years.

The party noted that Nigerians now see that President Buhari and the APC are the real problems of the nation adding that because of the corruption and recklessness of the Buhari Presidency, investors are pulling out of the nation in droves, the economy it said continued to crash, businesses are folding, there is mass job losses, acute poverty, hunger, strange diseases and pressure on families.

Moreover, the verdict it noted vindicates PDPs stand that the Buhari administration’s much touted fight against corruption is only targeted at opposition members, who are subjected to media trials, while members of his All Progressives Congress (APC) and the cabal at his Presidency openly indicted are shielded from prosecution.

The PDP however urges Nigerians not to despair as the 2019 general election presents them with the opportunity of ending this repressive, destructive, obstructive and anti people administration and vote in a new President in Atiku Abubakar to reposition our economy and return our nation to the path of good governance and economic prosperity.

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