Plans To Delist Local Govt From Nigeria Constitution unacceptable, NULGLE President says

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By Abel Leonard/ Lafia

Nigeria Union of Local Government Employee (NULGLE) has rejected purported bill sponsored by Bomb Solomon a House of Representative in River State to delist local government system from 1999 constitution.

NULGLE National President, Comr. Akeem Ambodi Olotunji, stated this while briefing journalist at NULGLE Secretariat in Lafia the Nasarawa state capital as part of his tour to the north central to sensitized their members.

He said “if the House member would call for the scraping of local government system in Nigeria constitution they should also scrap states as it is practiced in America and UK”.

The national president who described the purported bill as anti-people’s bill, explained that “since during colonial master there was local government system call native authorities with native law they didn’t scrapped local government, asking why now the plan to scrap it”

He further lamented that governors do not conduct local government election as stipulated in the constitution, but illegally appointing their cronies as caretaker committee to Siphoning local government funds.

Speaking about election, Akeem said governors are bastardizing local government system by not allowing people to choose good people to represent the people at the local area, but they end up manipulate election results in favour of their party and allow people at the grass root under the mercy of God”. He stressed.

Comr. Ambode however, rejected the call for state police and state electoral body while appealing for the creation of local government police where crime and insecurity are mostly carried out.

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