Plateau NMA Chairman Dr Bapiga’an bags Integrity & Leadership Award

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By Israel Adamu,Jos

Chairman Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Plateau State Chapter, Dr William Bapiga’an Audu has received the Integrity and Leadership Award of the Young Youth Network Nigeria as ICON OF NATION BUILDING/YOUTH EMANCIPATOR and the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Zone C award for Outstanding Performance.

The two awards were separately presented to Dr William Bapiga’an at the Conference Hall of the NMA Plateau State secretariat in Jos on Tuesday 16th May 2023.

The Young Youth Network of Nigeria delegation was led by the group’s Vice President Abba Sunday, Secretary Lovett Stephen and Oyemole Michael PRO, while the delegation of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Zone C was led by Comrade Ishaku Shedrach Azi, Director of Action and Mobilization NANS Zone C and Comrade Sargwak Nanswa, Chairman Joint Campus Council (JCC) Plateau State.

While responding separately to the two awards Dr William Bapiga’an Audu thanked the two groups for recognizing him and his achievements.

He however decried that the Youth Constituency is fast loosing its salt because of lack genuine of commitment.

Dr Williams used the opportunity to draw attention to the fact that persons with capacity and ability have continued on the leadership sidelines because of non-involvement while those who have little or nothing to offer hold sway in control of Nigeria’s common wealth, which according to him is responsible for negative the current spread of bad leadership.

He described the NMA as a professional organization which gives room for people of all ages to thrive, particularly youths, which accounts for the number of young people on the current Plateau State EXCO of the association.

He noted that the current sense of entitlement of youths who feel they deserve privileges because they are young is not helping, stressing that people should be allowed the opportunity to express themselves in Leadership if they possess the capacity to contribute positively regardless of their age, rather than depending on age as the only reason to be given responsibility.

He charged young people to rise up to the occasion and persevere to improve their capacities and widen their network to ensure a brighter future where they can take advantage of opportunities.

Dr Williams expressed satisfaction with the current political awareness of Nigerian Youths, adding that going forward there is need for youths to look beyond political party affiliation and focus more on the track records of prospective leaders, and their proven thoughts about the future as a yardstick for voting them into power, rather than looking at immediate gratifications.

He called on young people to put an end to the recycling of the same money bag politicians and entrench a political leadership that will stand the test of time in the interest of the people.

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