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**Professor Identifies International Non-Compliance as Root Cause of Corruption in Africa**

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By Daniel Edu

During the 11th inaugural lecture at Redeemer’s University in Ede, Osun, Professor Ifeolu Koni, a law expert, asserted that the prevalence of corruption in Africa can be attributed to the failure of developed countries to fulfill their obligations under international agreements.

The lecture, themed “The Hypocrisy of International Cooperation On The War Against Corruption And Abuse of Office In Africa: A case Study of Nigeria,” highlighted the insincerity of developed nations in honoring the United Nations Convention against Corruption. According to Koni, the refusal of these countries to employ their technological capabilities to detect and prevent the illicit transfer of funds perpetuates corrupt practices across the African continent.

Koni argued that the developed nations, possessing the means to curb such activities, deliberately abstain from doing so, potentially utilizing these funds for their own development. He urged African nations to be self-reliant and not fall victim to campaigns led by developed countries, emphasizing that salvation lies in the hands of African nations.

Expressing concern, Koni pointed out that no African country ranked among the top 10 least corrupt countries in the Transparency International corruption assessment of 2022. He urged African leaders to introspectively address corruption issues and advocated for strengthened implementation of anti-corruption laws in Nigeria, emphasizing that impunity, not corruption, is the nation’s greatest challenge.

To combat corruption effectively, Koni proposed a shift from conspicuous consumption of foreign goods to supporting domestically produced items. Professor Ahmed Yerima, the acting Vice-Chancellor of the university, echoed the call to action, emphasizing the collective responsibility to combat corruption for societal advancement.

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