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Reasons why you should respect your parents

Our parents are everything to us. They are the shoulder on which we rest. From offering financial help to giving us sound advice, parents are always ready to make sure that their children prosper. Parents make a lot of sacrifices for us and way of paying them back is by ensuring we respect them.

1. They raised you up
You should respect your parents because they raised you up. They invested various resources including time and money and made sacrifices to make you the person you are today.

2. They know you better than you know yourself
We should respect our parents because they help us to be more self-aware. Parents always push their kids to achieve different goals in life which makes them more aware of their potential.

3. They are there for you no matter what
In this world, it is hard to find someone who will always be there for you. This is one of the reasons why we should always respect our parents as they tend to be always there for us no matter the situation. Parents love their kids unconditionally and will go out of their way to protect them.

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