Regina Daniels reacts after getting dragged for repeating the same outfit

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Nollywood star Regina Daniels has addressed criticism she received from netizens for reusing an outfit, emphasizing her perspective on the matter.

The actress faced backlash after sharing photos on Instagram from a recent family trip to the village, where she wore a native attire previously seen months ago.

Some online commentators found it unusual for a celebrity and the wife of a billionaire to repeat clothing, prompting Regina Daniels to address the issue.

In response, she acknowledged the comments and defended her choice, stating that she has several beautiful outfits that she has worn before and will continue to wear in the future.

Expressing surprise at the notion that celebrities cannot repeat outfits, she questioned what she should do with her extensive wardrobe.

In her statement, Regina Daniels remarked, “Okay, I think I just learned that being a celebrity means you cannot wear an outfit twice. What should I do about this? I have plenty of beautiful clothes that I have worn and will continue to wear.”

Her candid response sheds light on the pressure faced by celebrities regarding their fashion choices and challenges the notion that outfit repetition is taboo in the industry.

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