Sallah: Pastor Share new Wrappers, Clothes to poor Muslims, orphans, widows, IDPs in Kaduna, others

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By Gabriel Udeh, Kaduna

The General Overseer Christ Evangelical and Life intervention Fellowship Ministry Pastor Yohanna Buru and some of the church members have donated a new- cloth for orphans and widows aimed at supporting them to celebrate Sallah with joy and happiness like any other Muslims across the world.

According to him, the church deemed it fit to support internally displaced persons (IDPs) and other refugees kids and widows that were chased away from their communities due to series of attack by kidnappers, banditry and others that were affected as a result of farmers-herders clashes.
He said, the church bought new wrappers and donated them to 50 female orphans, and also bought new clothes which was also shared to 50 boys that were orphans including children of the destitute.

While Sharing the new Sallah clothes at Barnawa, Kawo and Rigasa communities in Kaduna, Buru said the church has been doing this for many years, and the aims is to support the poor muslim to celebrate sallah with joy and happiness and to also to strengthen Christians and muslims relations.

He added that the church has shared over 50 bags of rice, millet and maize to the poor Muslims in kaduna and some to other neighbouring states to promote peace, love, togetherness and strengthen better understanding among different faith base organization. Buru said, during Christmas and new year, some muslims have been helping the church orphans and widows with many things including donation of bags of rice and other foodstuffs to the church widows.

“The church cannot forget the annual contribution of a muslim woman (Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani)”, he said.
According to him, Ramatu has been doing beautiful things to all the widows and orphans in the church

“We must remembered that we are created by one God, and we all are worshipping one God”

“We all have holy Books that were seeing to all by one God. We must be our brothers keepers. We must join hands on promoting peace, love and unity to all mankind”

Buru appealed to Muslims all over the world to use the lesson learnt during the 3O days of Ramadan, toward promoting peace and unity

Responding Mallam Garbo Abdullahi Barnawa, one of the Muslims leaders in the area expressed delight over the donation by the church ,while stressing that ,its really impressive seen how church do usually help the poor Muslims with many things in order to promote peace and unity.

He testify that for over 5 years, the church has been assisting the poor muslims with food,and cloths and this has help in promoting religious tolerance and better understanding among different faith base organization

One of the orphan that received the new cloth that was sew for her, Maryam Mohammed, said, she was very happy with the support from the church adding that no one remembered them only Pastor Buru.

She pray to almighty God to bless the church while callibng on Jama’atul Nasrul Islam, NASFat, Muslims in Da’awah, Counsil of Islamic matters and council of imam and ulamas to always remember the the poor muslims orphans during festivity.

Maryam ended up by calling on kaduna state Government to support the orphans and widows that were abandoned across the states, while calling on federal government to kindly create a center that would help the poor orphans and widows to reduce the daily challenges they faces in terms of accessing food, education, health and others.

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