Scorpion Kills Two, Hospitalize Three in Sokoto

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By Muhammad Ibrahim, Sokoto

A huge black Scorpion Sunday night stings five people in which two died and three hospitalized at Arkiilla area of Sokoto metropolis.

The affected persons were among the group of people discussing politics when this happened. 

Alhaji Abubakar who witnessed this said when it coming they thought it was a mere cockroach and therefore do not pay much attention to the approaching insect saying some minutes later one of them, Mubarak by name complained of pains on his upper side of right leg that led to profuse sweating.

“Few seconds later another group member shouted. It was then they became alerted and stated looking everywhere in search of what it was but to no avail”. 

He said they changed place which is some meters away from the former but minutes later the scorpion struck again. 

“It so happened the first two people within an hour gave up the ghost while the remaining three were rushed to nearby clinic where they were advised to go to the hospital”,Abubakar. 

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