Sen. Oseni Commissions Digital Economy Centre For Kogi NUJ

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From Noah Ocheni, Lokoja

The Chairman Kogi state Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Comrade Adeiza Momohjimoh on Tuesday in Lokoja called on Politicians to always give back to electorates to foster economical unity.

The Chairman made the call during the inauguration ceremony of the  ‘Digital Economy Centre facilities’ facilitated to the Kogi State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) by Senator Yakubu Oseni.

“The Digital Economy Centre would enable us improve ourselves more on digital skills required for the practice of modern Journalism in a world that is digital knowledge-oriented.”

This new development comes with its own dignity as we now have a Digital Economy Centre that we can call our own. The special gift from our Senator is something that we are proud of and for which we shall ever remain grateful to our humble, easygoing and generous national lawmaker.

He pointed out that “Senator Oseni is an Accountant by profession. If he had been a media person before he became a Senator, we would have said he is extending this gesture to us because of his common professional source with us.”

He knew he had sought for the vote of the electorate in order for him to have the opportunity to deliver the dividends of democracy to them. That is exactly what he has done with this special donation to us.

“He is not the kind of Senator who will drink the palm wine served him by the people and break the palm wine keg. “

“Do we have any professional link with our Senator and friend? No! Yet Mr. Oseni Yakubu has found us worthy of the honey from his generosity pot. Don’t we have many of our colleagues who contested and won elections using the opportunity provided to them by virtue of their Journalism profession? But unlike Senator Yakubu, our own colleagues will drink the palm wine given to them by NUJ and break the keg.”

“They have in no way helped their colleagues or the Union. What they do is to bite the finger that fed them. It has come to our knowledge that these set of bad and former Journalists are now asking one position or the other in the 2023 elections.”

“I can only ask our members and the good people of Kogi State to shine their eyes and never allow themselves to be used and dumped by this selfish former journalist whose stock in trade is to break the ladder through which he got to the apex of the tree.”

In his speech, Senator Yakubu Oseni representing kogi central Senatorial district at the national assembly, noted that the contributions of Journalists towards the development of the nation and its economy is enormous.

Oseni pointed out that contributing towards the provision of working tools and facilities that could facilitate the performance and upgrading journalism profession is a welcome development.

He enjoined journalists to make proper use of the facilities provided at the NUJ press centre to enhance their performance.

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