Senator Marafa Criticized for Lack of Significance in Zamfara Politics

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In a recent development in Zamfara state politics, the Zamfara Political Monitoring Coalition (ZPMC) has issued a scathing criticism of Senator Kabiru Marafa.

The coalition, led by Chairman Comrade Lawal Tanimu, has accused Senator Marafa of falsely claiming to lead a faction of the party in the state.

The group did not hold back in their disdain for Marafa, labeling him as a discredited politician lacking credibility and significance in Zamfara’s political landscape.

The accusations made by the coalition suggest that Senator Marafa’s claims of leadership within the party are unfounded and misleading, raising questions about the credibility and integrity of Senator Marafa as a political leader in the state.

Labeling him as a discredited politician lacking credibility and significance, the coalition made a clear statement about their opinion of Senator Marafa’s leadership abilities which is likely to have a significant impact on Senator Marafa’s reputation and standing within the political community in Zamfara state.

The group pointed out that Marafa lacked influence and support among the party’s heavyweights, making his claims of leadership unfounded.

The coalition called on Marafa to come to terms with his political irrelevance and accept the reality that his career as a politician was over.

The group went on to accuse Marafa of being the cause of the party’s woeful failure in the 2019 elections. They claimed that his divisive tactics and lack of leadership had contributed to the party’s downfall, leading to a loss of support among voters.

They urged Marafa to step aside and allow more capable leaders to take the reins, in order to salvage the party’s reputation and chances of success in future elections.

“Our statement is a stark reminder of the harsh realities of politics. In a landscape where credibility and influence are paramount, Marafa’s lack of both has left him isolated and ineffective.”


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