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Signs to show you are a toxic co-worker

A toxic worker according to the Harvard Business School is someone who engages in behavior that is harmful to an organization’s property and people.

Now, people do not want to associate with toxic workers in a workplace because they fear getting in trouble with the organization or getting themselves harmed.

So, if it seems your co-workers are dissociating from you, it could possibly mean that you are toxic. Well, here are ways to find out whether you are a toxic co-worker or not:

1. Being judgmental

Being judgmental makes you feel you’re better than everyone else.
Are you quick at judging others and look down on them when they make mistakes? If you always look for faults in everything your colleague do, you’ve got to fix that behavior by being less judgy and more helpful. Don’t just go to them to identify mistakes in what they do, and when you see a mistake in their work, politely offer to help, don’t roll your eyes feeling you know it all. Trust me, nobody likes to be given that I-too-know attitude.

2. Gossiping

No one likes to be tagged a gossip especially in the workplace. But when you get fond of spreading hearsay about your colleague, you’ll become that toxic co-worker nobody wants to associate with.

When a colleague provokes you, call him/her and have a conversation with the person directly. Don’t go on to discuss what the co-worker do to you to another staff member to make that person look bad.

3. Selfishness

Think about your skills before you choose a career.

Toxic people are selfish and only think about circumstances they can benefit from. If as a staff member of an organization you always consider yourself first regardless of what happens to others, your colleagues would definitely find you toxic.

Have empathy for others. Don’t manage to use anything just for others to come and fix it. If you can fix it, do. If you can’t report the situation to whoever is in charge.

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