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Despite the high rate of separation and divorce, marriage still remains the preferred option for many people who still believe in the values of companionship when two people come together as one. Companionship is very vital in life as it creates a sense of belonging and responsibility too. People who lack companionship are more likely to fall victim to mental and physical illnesses , especially in today ’s society where people are less caring and sympathetic. Here are 5 simple ways your marriage can help you live longer.

1. Two can live
Most couples fear the thought of losing the other half and living alone , especially when they have been married for many decades and depend greatly on each for love and support. The will to live longer and enjoy life better becomes more significant when you know that someone cares about you and has your best interest at heart. This can also boost your health and well-being as well as your happiness. Although loving each other in sickness and in health can be tested, when you have a loving relationship with your spouse, even during the tough times when your sickness decides to cast a shadow on your marriage, the will to defeat it will be stronger because you have someone who truly love and care for you.

2. Two can heal
Having someone to share your burden with is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety in your marriage. A good marriage breeds good communication , which is essential when you are very anxious and need a listening ear . When you have a spouse to confide in always, this will reduce your anxiety , build your emotional stability and guard you against all forms of ailments and heartaches, which can be caused by stress and anxiety disorder.

3. Two can cook
They say that the best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach and the wife is the best person to make this happen, which is one of the greatest benefits of marriage. A married Nigerian man will often head home straight from work to have a delicious dinner with his wife and children and while he enjoys a healthy meal specially prepared for him, he also gets the opportunity to bond with his family on the dinner table.

4. Two can enrich
Marriage can be a great asset to life’s little comforts, when you both bring your joint resources together irrespective of each person’s contribution into the joint purse . When two people plan together, it is easier and more realistic to set joint and individual goals and accomplishing them will also add more richness and quality to enrich their lives.

4. Two can enjoy the lifestyle.
Since it takes two to tango , it will certainly take two to stay fit and healthy in marriage as you both have to encourage each other through the process. It is not odd to say that people find it difficult to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, especially if they have no one to motivate them. Marriage is a great stimulus which allows the couple to build up the skills and activities they both enjoy doing together . When you both adopt a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising, walking or riding together , it will impact positively on your well – being and also make your lives meaningful and happy too.

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