Singer Emma Nyra hints at suffering sexual abuse, calls out celebrities

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Singer Emma Nyra has said that the male celebrities whom she revealed what she suffered at the hands of an industry insider are still working with the same man.

The mother of two stated this as different rape victims come out with tales of what they have suffered at the hands of rapists.

She wrote: “If we as a society do not come to the aid of women who have been preyed upon and taken advantage of, then how can we expect them to have the courage to speak up?! It’s high time that any victims of Rape or abuse are treated accordingly and as a victim of heinous crimes.

“Silencing a victim or shaming a victim is further emotional abuse upon the suffering and damage that has already been done! It’s time to hold everyone accountable for their actions regardless of their wealth or social status! Victims are not criminals!

“If there are any victims of abuse who do not have the courage or strength to speak up please get in contact with me and I will assist you as best as I can. I will always offer my help to you as best as I can. We are survivors and we are stronger together.

This is the truth about the industry. Imagine what’s happening right now is what you have SEEN. Imagine all the things that you haven’t heard or SEEN. #justiceforseyitan

“I can see all the male celebrities and notable figures that I told my story to in confidence trying to speak up for abuse now. You lot still kept working with the same man. Its actually making me sick. I feel so sick right now”.

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