Solar-Powered Fridge Operates Without Electricity, Runs for 40 Hours

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By Milcah Tanimu

In many parts of the world, consistent electricity and reliable refrigeration are luxuries. This disparity highlights a broader issue: our reliance on unsustainable practices. EasyFreeze, a solar-powered fridge developed by Amped Innovation, addresses this by offering a sustainable alternative, crucial for a viable future.

Imagine living in Lagos, Nigeria, where daily power outages can last for hours. Here, a conventional refrigerator is almost useless, leading to low ownership rates. Enter EasyFreeze—a solar-powered fridge designed to function efficiently even with an unreliable or non-existent grid. This innovation is transformative for regions rich in solar energy but poor in infrastructure.

EasyFreeze is a cutting-edge fridge and freezer that can refrigerate in under 20 minutes and freeze in less than an hour. It maintains its temperature for up to 40 hours during power outages or cloudy days, ensuring reliability in challenging conditions.

A significant innovation within EasyFreeze is its use of an “ice battery” instead of traditional lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are expensive, prone to overheating, have shorter lifespans, and pose safety risks. The ice battery system uses ice pouches within the fridge walls to absorb and release heat, cooled by solar panels during the day or grid power when available. This system enhances safety, durability, and cost-efficiency.

Amped Innovation is deploying EasyFreeze in over a dozen countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, targeting hard-to-reach communities. Small businesses benefit from the ability to sell cold beverages and ice, while medical clinics can store medicines and vaccines at precise temperatures. The fridge’s design emphasizes off-grid efficiency, using proprietary circuits, software, and mechanical designs to deliver high performance in rural settings.

Durability sets EasyFreeze apart. Unlike many solar refrigerators that fail within a year, EasyFreeze is built to last. Assembling the equipment locally helps avoid steep import fees and reduce costs, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

EasyFreeze uses R-600a refrigerant, which has zero ozone depletion potential and very low global warming potential. It is at least 38% more energy-efficient than other market options, thanks to its powerful 225W compressor and thick insulation. These features ensure fast cool-down times and long autonomy, maintaining efficient cold storage for up to 18 times longer than other freezers during power outages.

While the EasyFreeze is priced around $900, it remains accessible to middle-class families in countries like Nigeria. This price point reflects a commitment to quality and long-term affordability, emphasizing total cost of ownership over initial purchase price. Amped Innovation’s focus on high-quality materials and efficient design ensures unmatched value, broadening EasyFreeze’s reach.

Following the 2023 wildfires in Maui, EasyFreeze attracted interest in Hawaii, where high electricity costs make it economically attractive with a payback period of just two years.

As we recognize the privileges many enjoy, it’s crucial to address the need for sustainable innovations that bridge the gap for those less fortunate. EasyFreeze exemplifies thoughtful, eco-friendly design, providing reliable refrigeration in areas with unreliable power. Amped Innovation’s focus on efficiency, durability, and affordability positions EasyFreeze to become a conventional choice in parts of Africa and Asia, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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