Struggle: Family Survives Solely on Akpuu for Seven Days in Kaduna

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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A Nigerian family of five has shared their ordeal of subsisting solely on ‘Fofo’, a traditional Nigerian dish made from cassava, commonly known as Akpuu. They revealed that they have endured weeks surviving on this meal alone.

A widow, whose identity remains confidential for privacy reasons, recounted their dire situation to our correspondent over the weekend in Kaduna, near a local market where she was spotted.

The woman, seen selling and seeking assistance for food on the streets of Sabon Tasha, clarified that she was selling Fofo on commission rather than being the owner.

Concerning her children, she expressed her deliberate decision to keep them away from the streets to prevent them from facing potential dangers such as abuse, emphasizing her responsibility as a parent.

“I cannot forgive myself if I allow them to be exposed to harm, especially my daughters. It is our duty as parents to protect them,” she said earnestly.

Asked about the duration of this struggle, the widow, who has endured many years of hardship, responded, “We will continue as long as it is necessary. I trust that God knows the timing and reasons for our circumstances.”

She recounted the tragedy of her husband’s death in 2015 at the hands of bandits, who demanded everything they had as ransom, including borrowed money, with the hope of his safe return. As a result, providing for their children’s education has become a distant priority.

“Currently, our main focus is on securing food until a time when circumstances change for the better,” she added.

She lamented the challenges exacerbated by the recent fuel price hikes and food shortages, which have made it increasingly difficult to sustain their livelihood. Despite her efforts to sell Akpuu independently, financial constraints due to rising transportation costs have hindered her ability to continue.

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