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Sub-standard telecom devices are hazardous – NCC warns

Sub-standard telecom devices are hazardous - NCC warns

By Jennifer Y Omiloli

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has cautioned Nigerians that utilizing inadequate telecom gadgets could be hazardous to their health.

Prof. Umar Danbatta, NCC’s Executive Vice Chairman, said at a sensitisation workshop for partners that utilizing inadequate and fake telecom gadgets was risky to human health and security.

The workshop had as topic: “Hazardous Effect of Non Type Approved Handsets and E-Waste: Impact on Quality of Service and E-Waste.”

Mr Clem Omife, NCC’s Assistant Director, Zonal Operation, Danbattta said that inadequate gadgets likewise increase digital security-related dangers, for example, Zero Day attack.

As indicated by him, the NCC is teaming up with different partners in the business to advance methods for checking the danger of unacceptable and fake gadgets.

He said the commission thought that it was important to instruct the overall population on the impact of utilizing non-type endorsed gadgets in the nation through the sensitisation workshop.

Danbattta further expressed that utilizing counterfeit gadgets has a wide scope of negative effects on the nature of administrations given to telecom administration shoppers.

“Using genuine handsets and other devices will help consumers to prevent economic losses and associated ailments.

“As a commission, we are not relenting in efforts to ensure that Nigeria is saved from the hazardous effects of using fake devices,” he said.

In a paper entitled “The Socio-Economic Effects of Counterfeit Devices,” Mr Chukuma Nwaiwo of NCC’s Technical Standard and Network Integrity Department, said the proliferation of fake products and devices was having negative effects on both government and the general public.

He urged consumers to avoid patronising fake telecom devices and equipment, adding that “ Nigerians should support NCC’s move to prevent fake and counterfeit devices from entering the country.”