The Nigerian Army Administers Promotion Examination for 286 Captains Advancing to Major

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By Daniel Edu

A total of 286 Nigerian Army officers are currently undergoing the 2023 Captain to Major practical examination, aimed at evaluating their readiness for elevated responsibilities.

Speaking to candidates and officers in Abeokuta on Sunday, Major General Kevin Aligbe, the Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command of the Nigerian Army, emphasized that the examination would rigorously assess the officers’ abilities.

During the examination, candidates will be evaluated in areas such as mental and physical fitness, communication skills, logical reasoning, and more. Major General Aligbe encouraged them to approach the examination with integrity, stressing that cheating and other malpractices would not be tolerated.

He highlighted the continued significance of the examination in light of the ongoing security challenges facing the nation. Major General Aligbe noted that global security challenges, particularly terrorism and insurgency, remained pressing concerns for relevant authorities, and the Army was fully committed to addressing these challenges.

The examination’s focus would include global challenges like terrorism and insurgency, effective communication, logical reasoning, map reading, and other relevant topics. To be eligible for promotion from Captain to Major, officers would need to achieve a minimum score of 50 percent in each subject and a 60 percent overall aggregate.

Major General Aligbe explained, “This practical promotion examination from Captain to Major for these 286 officers across the country and beyond is to evaluate their proficiency for higher responsibilities, manpower development, especially in counter-terrorism and insurgency.”

Maj. Gen. Muhammed Usman, the General Officer Commanding the 81st Division of the Nigerian Army, emphasized the examination’s critical role in enhancing junior leadership capacity to achieve national security objectives. He stressed that the examination was designed to enhance the candidates’ understanding of various aspects of military operations, with a particular focus on counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations.

Usman said, “Your performance in the examination is a key determinant of progress in your career, and it is important that you all approach it with seriousness and determination to excel.”

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