Things that build chemistry between lovers

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One can say chemistry is that spark and moments where you feel she/he lights up your world. It’s love happening without trying hard.

Well, as many might not have the idea of what are some of the things that cause the chemistry between two people, here are a number of them.

1. Mutual interest

Sharing mutual interest is one thing that helps in building great chemistry between two people. Having a similar sense of humour or taste for certain things is likely to spur this feeling even more.

2. Complete transparency

There is nothing as hard as being transparent to someone. However, when one finds that one person that you feel comfortable opening up to, that is the first move on establishing chemistry and building it as well. Who likes insincere people anyway?

3. Matching life goals

When it comes to choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with, one will choose a person that they have a matching goal with. When two people with matching life goals meet, that results in the existence of beautiful chemistry between them.

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