Tinubu Vigilant as Events Unfold in Gabon, Says Ngalale

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By Daniel Edu

President Bola Tinubu has expressed his strong disapproval of the military coup in Gabon, closely monitoring the unfolding situation in the country. He has also voiced his apprehension about the political state and overall social stability of Gabon.

Tinubu’s response followed swiftly after a group of Gabonese military officials took to television to announce their overthrow of the current regime, while also invalidating an election that had, by official records, declared President Ali Bongo Ondimba as the winner.

President Tinubu’s spokesperson, Ajuri Ngelale, conveyed his sentiments to the press. Ngelale emphasized that Tinubu firmly believes in upholding the rule of law and using constitutional means to resolve electoral disputes in Africa, and he is deeply troubled by the apparent spread of autocratic tendencies throughout various parts of the continent.

“President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is closely monitoring the developments in Gabon, with a profound concern for the nation’s socio-political equilibrium and the worrisome growth of autocratic behavior that seems to be infecting different regions of our cherished continent,” Ngelale conveyed.

Highlighting Tinubu’s dedication to democracy and his personal sacrifices for its advancement, Ngelale explained that Tinubu firmly holds the belief that power should reside in the hands of Africa’s resilient people and not be dictated by the threat of force.

Ngelale further underlined that Tinubu’s stance upholds the principle that adherence to the rule of law and utilizing constitutional mechanisms for resolving electoral disputes must be safeguarded across the African continent.

He affirmed that Tinubu is actively collaborating with other African Union heads of state to formulate a comprehensive consensus on the appropriate steps to take in response to the Gabon crisis. This collaboration aims to chart a course for the continent’s reaction to the worrying spread of autocracy.

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