Tragedy Strikes in Bayelsa as Hunter Accidentally Shoots Himself Dead

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By Daniel Edu

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a civil servant and part-time hunter met with a tragic end when he accidentally shot himself in Bayelsa State. The incident, which has plunged the deceased’s family and the entire neighborhood into mourning, occurred in Oloibiri Community within the Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

The unfortunate victim, Claude Tonworio, lost his life on August 26 in a distressing mishap. He had been preparing to spend the weekend with his family when the incident transpired. Tonworio, a father of six, was in the process of transferring his harvested farm produce via a canoe to the upland when the tragedy unfolded.

A family source, speaking to Daily Trust, conveyed the profound pain and sorrow that had engulfed the entire family due to the loss of their beloved Claude in such a shocking manner. According to the source, the fatal accident occurred when the gun he had hanging around his neck, a Dane gun, discharged unexpectedly, shattering his head.

“The entire community is still reeling in shock from his sudden demise. He worked as a civil servant but would often visit the village on weekends to spend time with his family. This Saturday was no exception. He left his family to tend to the farm, equipped with his tools and hunting gun, in search of game. Typically, he used a canoe to transport his harvest. On that fateful Saturday, while trying to bring in his farm produce, we heard a deafening noise. Initially, we did not suspect that something had gone terribly wrong. However, as people rushed outside, they discovered him lying in the mud, bleeding and struggling for survival,” the relative recounted to journalists.

Despite frantic efforts to rush Tonworio to the hospital, his life could not be saved, and he passed away during transit.

“The body was later taken to the waterside for customary rituals. It appears he may have slipped and fallen, causing the loaded gun to accidentally discharge. It’s a deeply saddening incident for the family. The question now lingers, who will care for the six children he has left behind?” the relative added, underlining the profound loss felt by the bereaved family and the community.

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