US, UK Security Alert Has Terrorized Nigerians – Lai Mohammed

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The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has again faulted the United States over the recent terror alert, saying it has set Nigeria in panic mode.

On October 24, the US and the United Kingdom both warned of a possible terrorist attack in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). According to the warnings, the attack would be especially aimed at government buildings, places of worship, schools, and other centres where large crowds gather.

Speaking during the presentation of the state quarterly security report in Kaduna on Friday, the minister said the situation would make Nigerians want to run away but they rather stay to fight to ensure the country remains peaceful. According to him, despite the alert that set the country in a panic mode, Nigeria will come out of it. He insisted that the Federal Government will not swallow hook line and sinker any security alert from any other foreign country.

“What I have witnessed today is a validation of my position that the Nigerian military, working in concert with our government has what it takes to handle the security situation in Nigeria,” he said.

“And this brings me to the most topical issue today, which is the security alert sent by the United States of America as to the security situation in Nigeria, in Abuja, and in Nigeria as a whole.

“I want to say very categorically and without mincing words that, whatever the intention of this security alert or this travel advisory, what it has done is that it has terrorized our people and it has set the Nation in a panic mood.

“No doubt, the American government has a right to issue a travel advisory to its citizens, but that should not go to the extent of scaremongering.

“What the Federal Government has said is that, yes, this particular advisory was meant for the American citizens, but when it was leaked to the media, it caused a lot of panic to our people.”


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