Waste Refuse Overtaking Kofar Ruwa – Kabuga Road

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By Jabiru Hassan, Kano.

Despite all efforts that is being made by the kano state government under the State’s Refuse Management Board the waste refuse now becoming a threat to actualizing environmental safety in especially the city state.

Our correspondent who visited some parts of the kano metropolitan gathered that waste refuse is now taking to some streets especially some major roads where some residents dumped huge refuse very close to the roads which is in tge increase.

At Kofar Ruwa to Kabuga route, the road from kofar Ruwa to Kabuga through Nothwest University, most of the mechanics and other vehichle spare parts dealers often dumped whatever they brough out from their places to main road which is a great set back to the kano government’s determination to ensure healthy environment.

Speaking to Daybreak News, one of the mechanics working at Kofar Dawanau area advice the kano government to provide a space that would be used to dump the refuse, adding that the monthly environmental sanitation has become another option to clean environment and makes the sorrounding healthier.

In his remark, the former chairman of the central working committee on self-help groups in kano state Alhaji Ibrahim Garba Aminu Kofar Na’isa called on the kano government to being back the activities of the self-help groups in order to achieve the desired objectives in the area of clean environment.

” We are always ready to come out and work for the sanitation of our environments, and i am advising the kano state government to join hands with the self-help groups that are willing to participate in cleaning kano state like at the previous time, and i commended the new managing director of the refuse management Board Ambassador Ahmadu Zago for his efforts to ensure that our environments are healthy and tidy”. He concluded.

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