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Hon. Adaora Onyechere , the screen diva and rising star in politics, is from Amagu, Ihube Autonomous Community, Okigwe Local Government Area, Imo State.

As a matter of fact, she is one of the most vibrant, articulate, humble, accessible, wise and intelligent daughters of Okigwe. As a promising and well educated lady, she strongly believes in the growth and development of Imo State especially, Okigwe at large. She is God-fearing, humane and does not promote political thuggery and touting.

Hon. Adaora Onyechere is eloquent and people oriented. She is an entrepreneur, a wealth and job creator who is anxious to make great positive impacts in the society. She is kind-hearted and strongly believes in equity, rule of law, fairness and justice. She is trustworthy and transparent in all she does.  These qualities rare as they seem, eminently qualifies her for the position she seeks

Hon. Adaora Onyechere is very respectful and always focused. How else do we describe this great, wise and intelligent daughter of Okigwe? She is not a braggadocio; she is cool headed and never aggressive.

Looking at her rich Manifesto, Hon. Adaora is calling on the good people of Okigwe to encourage and support her for the total growth and development of her state constituency. She will sincerely empower the youths and women for a better tomorrow.

Hon. Adaora Onyechere will surely do well to use her position as a Lawmaker to influence development in her communities. She has promised to use her position as a House of Assembly member to influence construction of roads; quality infrastructural development in her  constituency; good health care system through sustainable Health Care Programme which will really make life easy for every constituent especially, pregnant women in various communities. She also has education packages and programs on her table for students and pupils. She also has interest in the redistribution of wealth through lasting empowerment programmes.

My good people, we are no more interested in excuse oriented politicians. We are tired of story-telling individuals who think they can get our people through their fallacious Manifesto. Hon. Adaora Onyechere as an honest young lady, can not promise us Heaven and earth. Rather, she has about six packages which we sincerely believe are the major problems of our people. Lots of communities in Okigwe still contribute money to repair or buy electric transformers, yet our people at home suffer total blackout most of the time. Non of our representatives volunteers to grade our local roads especially, during the festive seasons let alone influencing construction of a single road in our constituency. We are not castigating anyone, but it is good we advise our people to be wise and make sure we sincerely know what every candidate has on the table for us. We shall no more vote because of a political party. Therefore, it is good we let every candidate know that exaggerated/fallacious Manifesto can not deceive our people in any way, because we are wiser this time. We have really known those with genuine blueprint and those who are out for ‘the more you look, the less you see’.

Being people who believe in equity, fairness and justice, we sincerely can not support anyone whose mission and vision are not for the betterment and unity of our people. He who calls for Equity should always do well to go with clean hands!

It is unfortunate that some of our people sell out their votes and conscience out of selfish interests. We therefore, call on every well meaning son and daughter of Okigwe to promote fairness, equity and justice by saying NO to injustice.

Hon. Adaora Onyechere is trustworthy and transparent. She can not be the monkey that finished the water given to it and turns out refusing to release the cup. She is people oriented and sincerely knows the major problems of our people.

We shall disappoint most pundits this time because we won’t vote or support candidates because of their political parties. This is the right time we encourage our people to do well to vote the right candidate and not the political party and our people know this fact. We are therefore calling on the good people of Okigwe to do well to avoid another wasteful four years. We have unfortunately voted wrong candidates in the past because of popular political parties. Let us remember that 2019 is the best time to vote the BEST candidate and not the popular political party.

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