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“Why Suya is Best Sold at Night in Nigeria: 5 Reasons”

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Suya, a popular Nigerian dish consisting of grilled skewered meat, is often sold at night for several compelling reasons:

1. Cooler Weather: Nigeria can have scorching daytime temperatures, which can make grilling meat an uncomfortable and tiring task. Suya sellers prefer to set up shop in the evening when the temperature is lower, making the preparation and cooking process more bearable.

2. Increased Hunger: After a long day of work or school, people tend to work up an appetite, and they are often looking for a snack or a meal. Suya is a favored late-night snack choice because it is relatively inexpensive and convenient for on-the-go consumption.

3. Social Food: Suya is a popular choice for social gatherings with friends and family. Nighttime is an ideal period for such gatherings, as people often meet up in busy areas like bars, clubs, and market squares, where suya sellers can be found.

4. Special Occasions: Suya is frequently served at weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. Nighttime is a common time for such events and festivities, increasing the demand for suya and attracting more customers.

5. Post-Night Out Snack: After a night of partying and socializing, individuals often seek a hearty snack before heading home. Suya fits the bill perfectly, as it is a filling and satisfying option for those looking to satiate their late-night hunger.

In summary, the combination of cooler temperatures, heightened hunger in the evening, the social nature of suya consumption, its popularity during special occasions, and its appeal as a post-night out snack all contribute to the tradition of selling suya at night in Nigeria.

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