10 Things you should do to build a happy relationship

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Relationship involves two different individuals and for the relationship to bloom these two different individuals have to reconcile their differences by making concessions and sacrifices for each other, respect, love and trust each other.

All of these are shown through simple acts and words which amount to a truly beautiful and happy union. Well, here are things you should do to build a happy relationship.

1. Eat together
“Try to sit down for one meal a day together,” suggests Masini. “This may seem like a giant hurdle; and for many couples who are scheduled and busy, it can be. But even if it’s sitting down for a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at night, this time over a meal or a beverage, where it’s just the two of you, connecting, is a nice ritual that bonds you; and it will make you happier as a couple when you do this.”

2. Make them your priority
“One of the things that takes couples down is when one or both people feel that they’re not important to the other,” explains Masini. “So when you do something for the greater good of your relationship, at the expense of your own life, brag a little and remind your partner that they are your priority and you want them to feel that they’re put first. This is money in your relationship karma bank.” Sometimes all it takes is that acknowledgment.

3. Put the phones down
Life is busy for any happy couple, so when you are together, make sure you’re actually together. And that means unplugging. Skip scrolling through Instagram or online shopping or playing that game and switch off your phones completely. That’s right, vibrate only doesn’t count. Face to face with your partner is a lot better than Facebook or FaceTime.

4. Show a little affection
“Affection is important and it’s easy for many couples. For whom this does not come naturally: don’t forget to kiss, hold hands, touch each other,” says Masini, adding that it’s not about sex but, rather, paying attention in a more romantic way that ensures a happy couple stays a happy couple. “Kiss and touch at least once a day and you’ll stay happy as a couple. More so than if you don’t do this.” Because sometimes saying “I love you” isn’t enough; sometimes you have to show them.

5. Ask your partner something about themselves
Happy couple questions are important. It can be as simple as asking about her day or if he bought that new suit he was eyeing. Masini says that those questions might seem “innocuous” but sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. “They are ways to show that you’re listening, you’re interested and you care,” adds Masini. “When you don’t ask, you drift apart over time. A daily ask that is genuine is a great way to stay happy.”

6. Forgiveness goes a long way
So, you’re working towards being a happy couple, meaning mistakes happen, words get said, resentment can build, even after a person apologizes. It could be something small like forgetting to take the garbage out or a big, epic, name-calling argument, but forgiving your partner can release that tension and allow you to start over. You might not be able to forget, but you will be able to rebuild and move forward. Give your partner — and yourself — that gift.

7. Get silly
This is one all the happy couple quotes talk about: getting silly. A sense of humour is probably one of the reasons you fell for your person — and that shouldn’t go away. Crack jokes, pull pranks and exchange little secret funnies that only you and your person get, that’s the gold standard for any happy couple. Laughter will always have a positive impact on a relationship.

8. Make an effort to look great
It’s easy to fall into that slump where you’re so comfortable, it doesn’t matter what you look like because they’re in this and they love you, no matter what. But Masini advises that every now and again, toss aside the sweatpants and run a comb through that hair. “When you both make an effort and you look attractive because you tried, it goes a long way towards feeling attractive and being attracted to each other. These are all components of how happy couples become and stay happy,” she explains. “It also works in other ways — you feel good about yourself when you know you made an effort and this is contagious in the best possible way.”

9. Sleep together
“Make sex a priority, but try to go to bed together or around the same time, more often than not,” warns Masini. “Sleeping together in the same bed is a way that couples bond,” she adds. “In many ways this is more intimate than sex.” Though most happy couples have a lot of sex. Obviously.

10. Maintain relationship etiquette
“Good manners sometimes fade away with familiarity, so if you mind your Ps and Qs by using table manners, cleaning up after yourselves and offering to do things for each other, you’re going to feel mutual respect” says Masini. “That goes a long way in making a long-term relationship a happy one.”

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