5 Mistakes you are making during sex

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Sexual chemistry may be overrated but it does exist. Many have testified to that with some saying their sex lives are great and some merely dismissing it as awful.

However, it depends on you when it comes to making your sex life great, of course with the cooperation of your partner inasmuch as both of you are healthy down there 😉

Now, this article is centred on mistakes you may be making during sex which is making your sex life awful. Yes, you are probably the problem of your sex life.

Well, here we have sexual mistakes you make:

Making it a point of duty for your partner to take the lead

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It will become a routine to your partner if he has to always take the lead and when a thing becomes routine, it loses fun.

Take the initiative, take the lead, be on top. Acting as the dominant one will take a lot of pressure off your partner as well as allow you to indulge your fantasies hence making both of you enjoy your sex life.

Absence of spontaneity or adventures in your sex life

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Life can get busy and stressful and you would have to schedule your activities including sex. But when that becomes inflexible without room for spontaneous sex or sexual adventures in unexpected places, you are sure to feel like having sex is a routine. Moreover, the best fun happens when it’s unplanned.

Obsess with having perfect sex

Nothing is ever perfect. When you become obsessed with having perfect sex, you’ll end up disappointing yourself and feeling your sex life is a disappointment. Obsession with perfection during sex will make you anxious and unable to relax and enjoy the sex. Simply loosen up, relax and try to enjoy the moment.

Expecting your partner to read your mind

Communication is key to better relationships and that includes sexual relationships. Expecting your partner to read your mind and get as freaky as you are thinking is dumb and frustrating. You’ll get unsatisfied and frustrated. Learn to be free and open with your partner, communicate your desires.

Comparing your current partner to previous ones

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Comparing your partner with previous ones will negatively affect your sex life. You will focus on your partner’s demerits in respect to previous ones instead of focusing on enjoying the merits of your partner.

Discover each other’s needs and merits, focus on them and focus on enjoying yourselves.

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