I’m sure your husband comes home late because of these 4 reasons

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You rather have your husband at home for dinner and to yourself the rest of the evening. Cosying about the house and telling each other tales of your day.

Well, he used to be home from work just in time for dinner and at weekends, he hangs around you like a cat but that has stopped. Now you may be wondering why or even have had an explanation for it but are you sure that’s why your husband stays out late?

Here are reasons why I think your husband stays out late and comes back when you can barely keep your eyes open:


Nagging your husband

It’s a common belief that women nag more. And that men despise nagging women. So constant nagging is enough reason for him to stay out late and sneak into the house to sleep when you are asleep or too tired to argue.

Another woman

Cheating husband

This is a big reason why men keep away from home. Another woman will definitely keep him from coming home to spend time with you. Especially when the woman does it better than you 😉


Social husband

Here you needn’t worry as much as dealing with a cheating husband. if he is a social person, he is only out hanging out with friends and colleagues and not necessarily cheating. A socializer can’t be a stay-at-home person, so you just have to endure having him come back home late regularly or tag along with him as he socialises.

Mid-life crisis

Husband in midlife crisis

This is psychological and needs a little bit more understanding from you.
If your husband is experiencing a midlife crisis and is trying to prove to himself that he is still young, wild and free then be sure you won’t be having him cosying with you on the sofa in the sitting room.

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