Aisha Yesufu Urges Nigerians to Stand Firm in Their Beliefs Despite Election Mockery

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By Daniel Edu

Prominent Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu, has called on fellow citizens to remain resolute in their convictions, dismissing the mockery following the February 2023 elections. Yesufu expressed her belief that had the elections been conducted fairly and transparently, Nigerians would have already moved forward and focused on demanding good governance and accountability from the government.

In a Twitter statement, Yesufu decried the unfairness of expecting Nigerians to simply move on after an election riddled with discrepancies, data integrity issues, violence, and suppression. She argued that this conventional expectation of letting go after an unfair election has been a major hindrance to progress in the country for generations.

Yesufu emphasized the importance of not allowing mockery to deter them from their principles. She asserted that Nigerians should embrace the challenges and not shy away from demanding a better future. Despite being labeled a “mockery of a nation,” Yesufu urged her compatriots to view mockery as a way of life and remain steadfast in their pursuit of positive change.

With her impassioned plea, Aisha Yesufu hopes that this time, Nigerians will break away from the shackles of conventional acceptance and stay unwavering in their quest for a brighter and more accountable future for their nation.

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