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Atiku launches support group

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By Friday Obande

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, for the 2019 presidential elections, Atiku Abubakar has launched a grassroots group to boost his preparation.

The support group called ‘Atikulate Grassroot Movement’ (AGM) was inaugurated over the weekend with commitment to embrace a positive attitude.

Speaking on why the group was created, the Grand patron of the group, Christian Egbuche said that a positive attitude can only come from within.

“If it doesn’t touch you that the country is not moving, I think you have a problem. When I look at where I am coming from, I ask myself what is our problem? Who is going to fix this problem? Who is going to do this miracle?

“It can never be done by sitting down in your house or in the church or mosque but must be done within you that you really want to make a positive change. That is why we are here.” Egbuche said

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The President of the group, Mrs. Angela Mindapa Zanye urged members to be cautious when dealing with people.

“Every person is important which equals a vote that can make or mar the party”, Mrs. Zanye stated.

Also speaking, the group’s political adviser, Abdullahi Narabi gave reasons why Nigerians should support Mr. Abubakar.

He said: “He has the experience which is proven and trusted. He is bold that is why he challenges everyone even the present administration.

“We are not here to compare because both governments are incomparable. The present administration is moving in reverse.”

He instructed the members to be mindful of people in the grassroots because “they are the major voters.”

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