BBNaija’s Seyi Awolowo Asserts His Authenticity Despite Controversy

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By Daniel Edu

Following his eviction from the Big Brother All Stars house, Seyi Awolowo, during an interview on Pulse Nigeria’s One-on-One program, made it clear that he is unapologetically himself, regardless of public opinion. When asked about his emotions regarding his eviction and his earlier confidence in winning the competition, Seyi acknowledged that he was aware of being disliked before leaving the Big Brother house.

In a confident and somewhat defiant tone, Seyi expressed his indifference to the public’s opinion, stating, “Coming out knowing that a lot of people hated me, what is life without hate? A lot of people hate me for being who I am. Too bad for y’all, I’m still me.”

When questioned about whether he desired to be loved, he emphasized that he doesn’t care about being loved by people who don’t know him and doesn’t have the time for it. Seyi firmly believed that being disliked by some individuals is an inevitable part of life, and he doesn’t let it bother him. He went on to suggest that people can only determine whether hating him is justified after taking the time to get to know him.

He stated, “There’s no time; if you don’t know me, you can’t love me. If you take the time to know me, or you seek to understand me and know who I am, then you would know if it is worth it to hate me or love me. Find out who you are disliking before you harbor ill feelings towards the person.”

Seyi Awolowo faced public backlash during his time in the Big Brother house due to derogatory and concerning comments he made. He had hinted at allowing his sons to engage in non-consensual behavior with others. After his eviction, he issued a tearful apology to the public, stating that he had faced repercussions, including being blacklisted by brands. However, it seems that his remorseful sentiments were short-lived, as he now appears to be standing by his assertion of being unapologetically himself.

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