Benue State Governor Dissolves 9th Assembly

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On Friday, Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue State announced the dissolution of the ninth assembly, following the reading of the dissolution order by Clerk Bernard Nule.

During a valedictory session attended by assembly members, Nule read the dissolution order, citing Section 105, sub-section 3 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which grants the governor the power to dissolve the assembly in order to facilitate the appointment of new leadership.

Titus Uba, the former Speaker of the 9th Assembly, expressed gratitude to his colleagues and the assembly, praising the House’s accomplishments. A total of 60 bills were processed, with 54 passing into law and six expiring. Additionally, 53 motions were considered, leading to 121 resolutions on matters affecting the state and citizen welfare. The assembly also engaged in comprehensive debates on 66 reports.

During the session, members took the opportunity to honor the Ninth Assembly. Former majority leader Hon. Damian Cheme highlighted the assembly’s remarkable productivity and peacefulness, commending his fellow members for their service to the House.

In response, Minority Leader Bem Mngutyo emphasized the need for financial autonomy for the legislative branch. He stated that such autonomy would ensure the independence necessary for the proper functioning of the assembly without interference from the executive. Mngutyo praised the Speaker of the House for his exceptional leadership skills in fostering unity among the members and encouraged his colleagues to prioritize politics driven by love, unity, and humility as they step down from office.

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