Bovi Playfully Accuses Wife of Deception in Marriage

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Comedian Bovi recently sparked laughter by playfully accusing his wife of deceiving him into marriage, suggesting she might be older than him.

Taking to social media, Bovi shared a photo of his wife’s international driving permit, humorously hinting at her age being older than expected. He captioned the post, “Always suspected she was older than me, deceived me into marrying her.”

However, many netizens perceived the post as a light-hearted banter between the couple, especially considering that the age indicated on the driving permit was 1949, which would make her approximately 75 years old, a notion that seemed implausible given her youthful appearance.

While some speculated that it could be a clerical error, others appreciated the couple’s humorous exchanges and their strong bond.

Recalling a previous event, in August 2023, Bovi and his wife had stirred reactions by renewing their wedding vows on water. They shared videos of the intimate ceremony on a beach, officiated by mariners, sparking online admiration and affectionately nicknaming them “Mr. and Mrs. Mariners.”

In 2022, Bovi had also celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary, praising his wife, Kris, for her timeless beauty and maintaining an impressive physique despite childbirth, referring to her as a “weapon of mass destruction.”

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