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“Can the Anointing Flow Through an Actor?” – PFN President Comments on Jimmy Odukoya’s Appointment as Head Pastor

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By Daniel Edu

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) expressed its support on Saturday for the appointment of Jimmy Odukoya, a well-known Nollywood and Hollywood actor, as the new head pastor of the Fountain of Life Church in Lagos. Jimmy Odukoya is taking over from his late father, Taiwo Odukoya, who founded the church.

Jimmy’s appointment was announced by the church’s board of trustees, in accordance with the late pastor’s wishes. His installation was scheduled for September 30 and was underway at the time of this report.

Speaking at the official installation service, PFN President Bishop Wale Oke acknowledged the divine hand in the Odukoya family’s ministry and emphasized that this transition was not orchestrated by man. He praised Pastor Taiwo for dedicating his life to serving God.

During the service, Bishop Oke noted that despite Jimmy’s background as an actor, he could serve as an instrument and conduit for God’s blessings. He drew parallels with the American preacher John Osteen, whose son Joel Osteen succeeded him as a pastor despite initially having no interest in preaching. Bishop Oke pointed out that while John Osteen’s crusades did not fill stadiums during his lifetime, Joel Osteen now conducts services in large auditoriums.

Bishop Oke encouraged the congregation to respect the decision of the board and expect great things from Jimmy, as seen in the case of Joel Osteen. He emphasized that if Jimmy was not the right person, God would not have allowed this appointment to happen.

He also expressed gratitude to Bishop Mike Okonkwo, the presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), for his fatherly guidance and mentorship to the church.

In conclusion, Bishop Oke reassured the congregation that the Fountain of Life Church would continue to thrive and grow, emphasizing that the church’s success was a testament to the enduring presence of Jesus. He cited historical examples to illustrate that the church had flourished even after Jesus’ departure, and the forces of darkness had been unable to prevail against it.

Following his sermon, Bishop Okonkwo conducted the installation ceremony by reading several Bible verses and pronouncing blessings upon Jimmy Odukoya and his sister, with the support of other clergy members.

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