Care For The Poor, Obi Urges Wealthy Nigerians

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Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate Peter Obi, has called on affluent Nigerians to increase their support for the less privileged, particularly in the provision of water and education.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja, Obi highlighted that 70 percent of Nigeria’s wealth is controlled by about one percent of the population, emphasizing that if even a fraction of these wealthy individuals directed their resources towards meeting the basic needs of the poor, significant improvements could be made.

He urged governments at all levels to prioritize resource allocation aimed at enhancing the living conditions of the impoverished and lifting them out of poverty.

Obi shared insights from his recent humanitarian visits to various regions, expressing concern over the dire situation faced by many Nigerians, especially in rural areas.

To address the immediate water needs of the poor, Obi announced the completion of ten boreholes in several Northern states, advocating for similar initiatives from wealthy Nigerians to tackle water scarcity.

In the realm of education, Obi underscored the potential he observed among almajiri children in Quranic schools in the North, stressing the importance of providing adequate support to nurture their talents and contribute to national development.

He emphasized the need for a concerted effort to alleviate poverty and enhance education, stating that these measures are crucial for addressing the root causes of insecurity and other societal challenges.

Regarding infrastructure development, Obi asserted that his administration would prioritize fixing existing roads before embarking on new projects, emphasizing the importance of ensuring connectivity across the country.

Responding to criticisms about his tenure as Governor of Anambra State, Obi defended his record, citing significant improvements in education and overall development during his tenure. He argued that his focus was on revitalizing existing infrastructure and enhancing the quality of education rather than constructing new facilities.

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