Chidinma Ekile Shares About Her Transition to Gospel Music

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By Daniel Edu

Chidinma Ekile, a renowned Nigerian artist, discusses her journey into gospel music and the changes she hopes to see in the gospel music industry. She also reflects on her experiences in both the secular and gospel music worlds.

Ekile’s latest single, “I recommend Jesus,” draws inspiration from her personal journey and experiences with faith. She expresses her satisfaction in conveying her spiritual journey through her music, particularly in a world where change is constant, emphasizing that Jesus remains constant.

She acknowledges the encouraging and remarkable reception her new song has received, with over a million views on YouTube within just two weeks of its release.

Ekile believes the gospel music industry has improved but stresses the need for better support and nurturing of emerging talents, especially those who prioritize maintaining their integrity and serving God through their music. She commends initiatives like the Gospel Groove Talent Quest for promoting young talents in the gospel music space.

When asked about qualities that can help a gospel artist succeed in a talent hunt, Ekile highlights spirituality and strong character as essential attributes.

Reflecting on her career transition, Ekile states that she always knew she would eventually move into gospel music due to her longstanding interest in it. Despite not knowing when it would happen, she remained convinced it was part of her path.

Regarding her decision to switch to gospel music, Ekile reveals she had a personal encounter with Jesus that solidified her conviction. Her family has been supportive of her decision, as they have always wanted her to pursue gospel music.

Transitioning from secular to gospel music, Ekile has found the experience to be beautiful and in alignment with her belief that her talent is meant for God’s glory. Her record label, EeZee Conceptz, offers her a supportive and structured environment to thrive in the gospel music space.

Drawing from her experience as a secular artist, Ekile emphasizes the importance of a strong structure in the music industry. She also brings the lessons she learned in working under pressure and aiming for excellence into her gospel music career.

Looking at the future of the gospel music sector, Ekile highlights the need for intentional investment, increased support from investors, reliable talent, and industry knowledge. She states that her creative process is inspired by her personal experiences and how they shape her music.

In her transition from secular to gospel music, Chidinma Ekile has found fulfillment in sharing her faith journey through her music and hopes to contribute to the growth and development of the gospel music industry in Nigeria.

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