CSOs poor appraisal of Gov Eno biased, bad faith- Rev Peters

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By Emeka Samuel,Uyo

The Special Assistant to Governor Umo Eno on New Media, Rev Richard Peters has criticised some
Civil Society Organisations(CSO) in the state for rating governor Umo Eno low in performance in the last one year describing the verdict as bias and made in bad faith .

The leadership of CSO in Akwa Ibom state had recently took a swipe on the performance of the governor in the last eleven months and passed a “below average” verdict on his performance.

Peters who was fielding questions from newsmen in Uyo yesterday said the communique issued by the group questioned the integrity of the supposed human rights group.

According to him, “what was churned out by the group is neither disinformation nor misinformation; it is purely a case of malinformation on the part of the CSO. How can they talk about issues they have paucity of information on?

“We are not ignorant of the fact that being a mercenary CSO, they are willing tools in the hands of those who are yet to wake up from the nightmare of their total rejection at the polls by Akwa Ibom people in 2023. But we would have expected their propaganda to eschew banality.”

He argued that anyone who formed the group to criticize the governor on employment is completely misinformed while enumerating on efforts by the governor to boost employment and empower Akwa Ibom youths.

“Beginning from what happened last week in Akwa Ibom State, it was quite unprecedented for 800 youths to be empowered in one fell swoop.

“With the 400 million Naira injected into the economy of the State through these entrepreneurs, Governor Eno showed clearly that he is committed to building a future for the youths.” Peters said.

He said the various initiatives of the governor naturally hatch employment for the people adding that the Ibom Model Farms, the aviation sector development as well as the Governor’s aggressive rural development have brought employment and empowerment for the people.

“Are they not aware that the various projects going-on in the different local government areas are handled by indigene of the respective areas?

“Or they would have celebrated capital flights in the name of foreign contractors? It shows clearly that they alien to the thrust and operations of the ARISE Agenda.

“For instance, under the governor’s blueprint in education, with the flagship in primary education, our people are empowered through the sewing of school uniforms, school bags and shoes for the pupils. That is how unknowledgeable the CSO are, and they are liberal enough to suffocate us with their embarrassing ignorance.” He explained

Peters pointed out that the numerous primary healthcare centres built by governor readily signified that employment “is in the waiting” for those in that sector.

“Governor Umo Eno has even spoken about proposed employment of medical personnel, where he stressed that they will not be any favouritism or compromise on the exercise.

“I do not know where these people get their own information. Could people still be this ignorant in this era of freedom of information? He querried.

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