Cubana ChiefPriest Issues Warning to Couples Considering Divorce After Wedding

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By Daniel Edu

Popular Nigerian nightlife promoter, Cubana ChiefPriest, has taken to social media to deliver a stern message to couples contemplating divorce after tying the knot.

In a post shared on the celebrity barman’s Instagram page, he advised couples seeking separation to carefully reflect on the financial, temporal, and emotional investments made during their wedding ceremonies. Cubana ChiefPriest went a step further by stating that, for any future wedding invitations he receives, there will be a signed agreement stipulating a refund of expenses incurred if the marriage eventually falls apart.

His message read: “Before you decide to break up, please consider the money, time, and energy we invested in your marriage. Going forward, if you invite me to your wedding, we’ll have an agreement in place, and if the marriage fails, you will refund me.”

In a separate post, the celebrity barman responded to a comment by social media influencer Jollof, revealing that the marriage of someone close to him had recently ended.

Yul Edochie’s Marriage Advice
On a related note, Yul Edochie recently shared his perspective on the institution of marriage, emphasizing that it should not be seen as a “do-or-die affair.”

In a post on Edochie’s social media page, the actor encouraged couples not to force their unions and stressed that there is no guaranteed formula for a successful marriage. He acknowledged that while marriage is a beautiful thing, it does not come with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Edochie wrote, “Marriage is a beautiful thing, don’t let anyone discourage you. If your dream is to get married, go ahead and achieve your dream. A few tips can help you have a long-lasting marriage, but there is no laid-down, proven formula for it. You can marry someone you dated for 10 years, and the marriage won’t last.”

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