Ed Sheeran Reveals “Interesting” Reason He Stopped Using a Phone Since 2015

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Ed Sheeran, the renowned English singer, has shared an intriguing reason for why he stopped using a phone back in 2015.

Sheeran revealed that while he no longer uses a phone, he relies on an iPad for handling official emails. When he needs to make a call, he borrows a phone from friends or family members.

The decision to abandon his phone stemmed from a particular conversation with a friend. During their chat, Sheeran noticed his friend’s sudden loss of concentration due to a notification beep from his phone. This incident made Sheeran reflect on his own phone usage.

He realized that he often found himself distracted by texting, even during important conversations with his father. This prompted him to break the habit of using a phone.

Despite not having a phone, Sheeran stays in touch with people by sending emails and texts, but he reserves this communication for Sundays only.


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