Enough is Enough killings in S/Kaduna protest rock Kaduna

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..As Christian Leadesr decry that govt knows the bandits

By Ujah Simon, Kaduna

Christians Spiritual fathers, Pastors and church leaders from different denominations across the length and width of Kaduna State yesterday Sunday protested and made a final declaration against further attack and killings in southern part of Kaduna in kaduan State.
The indoor protest and gathering of Christian Church leaders and members, all appearing in back cloths, attire and placards, which took place at Ekwa Goodness church premises Narayi highcost, was attended by unprecedeted crowd.
During the sermons, the Christian leaders including one Rev. Ishaya Adamu jangando, president Baptist conference Kaduna, said Christians would no longer be silent anymore about the attacks and killings in southern kaduna.
He also said, during the protest prayers and placards with different inscriptions, that Christians will not stop praying until the attacks and killings stopped in southern Kaduna.

Quoting lsaiah chapter 62: and several other versus from the Bible, the clergies also prayed that southern Kaduna must be set free from attacks and killings, and asking God almighty father to arrest those behind the incessant attacks and killings of inecent people.

“As many as wanted to put assonder in southern Kaduna peace initiatives, let God scatter them, destroy the evils and bring peace to southern Kaduna.
“The killing of God sons and daughters of southern Kaduna be brought to the end and the people set free by God in jusus name!”, he prayed.

Also in his aggressive remarks, the chairman of CAN Kaduna State and organiser of the prayer programme, Rev. Joseph Hayab queried that instead of arresting the bandits killings the people of southern kaduna, both federal and state government were busy speaking for the bandits because they know them.

He said “For our President and Governor to speak for the bandits means they known them, also calling for immediate arrest of the person who made the recent audio on reasons for killing in southern kaduna, by governments.
“Givernnment should arrest those who made the audio. If that audio were made by Christians they would have been arrested by now. We are not afraid of anybody again. “People are misunderstanding the teachings of Christianity that if they slap you on one ear, turn the second one, for granted.
Rev. Hayab noted with dismay I that Nigeria President, IGP and governors, who could arrest criminals, killers and bandits could send police to Sokoto, Lagos to arrest imam, others to appologise for criticising them.
“Any government agent can record me and don’t care, everything I said is within the confined of the law. “Government should explained how criminals operates under curfew by going to People’s house and killed them. How many times, their will be curfew in place, and bandits will go and kills in kajuru, Zango Kataf, other.
“The law should be made for everybody, there is new sickness now konwn as diarrhea of the mouth. Kaduna governor should stop speaking carelessly”, CAN lamented.

He lamented thatl Nigerians states are being govern by propaganda and urged journalists to remain umbias and not to “be sell out to politicians.
He said a situation where a pastor and a son of the pastor “who are not farmers were killed, is unfair to said is herders farmers clashes.

“Church leaders should stand for truth and be fearless.
Some pastors are helping the church for collecting palliatives and hide them from members.
“Every Church members coming next week should come in full blacks cloth compulsory with placardd by 2pm.
Those who compromised, we’re watching you. No maching on our neck in southern Kaduna anymore. If they don’t want us to speak let them do the right things.
“Ask God to deal with killing in southern kaduna, the way He deal with Nebukadniza.
“I don’t hate fulani, which is wrong for people to say so, but I hate killers if southern Kaduna.
“We’ll not stop crying until we see His hand work. Let Him Complete the work started and be glorify.
” Governor Ahamed
Makarfi, Namadi Sambo and other previous Governor who were not Christian were not hated by Christian. But some are thinking that christians hate them.
CAN Chairman thanked all the Christian leaders and members for the attendance in the prayers against Killing, including PDP state chairman of Hon. Hassan Hyet and others.

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