“Enugu Protest: Biafra Agitator Urges Traders to Resume Business”

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In the aftermath of the Enugu protest, where traders voiced their discontent over the state government’s decision to seal their shops for failing to open on a designated day, Biafra agitator and Separatist, Simon Ekpa, has taken a stand for normalcy. As the Finland-based lawyer and Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government, Ekpa issued a public notice on Thursday, urging Enugu traders to resume their business operations.

The protest, which took place on Wednesday, unfortunately led to three fatalities and numerous injuries. In light of this distressing situation, Ekpa appeals to the protesting traders to provide crucial information about the casualties and injured individuals. This way, immediate medical assistance can be extended to those in need.

“We urge Biafra traders in Enugu to share the details of all those injured and the lives lost during the protest with the Nigerian government. The affected families should also reach out to the Biafra government” Ekpa said.

Rest assured, the injured traders will receive prompt medical attention, and the families of the deceased will be contacted privately by the Biafra government to discuss the government’s plans.

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Ekpa goes a step further and calls upon all Biafrans to reopen their shops and businesses while providing any valuable information about those responsible for the violence and the shop closures. Notably, he emphasizes that Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu state will be held accountable for any human rights abuses that occurred during the protest.

As the situation unfolds, the primary focus remains on restoring peace and stability in Enugu. The authorities are closely monitoring the developments to ensure a peaceful resolution to the current situation.

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