5 Things You Need to Know About Nutrition and Human Development in Nigeria

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  1. Malnutrition remains a pressing public health concern in Nigeria, leading to stunting, wasting, and underweight individuals due to insufficient or imbalanced nutrient intake.


  1. Nutrition plays a crucial role in Human Capital Development (HCD), starting from early life. Adequate nutrition and care for mothers and children are essential for advancing HCD in the country.


  1. The prevalence of stunting in Nigeria has decreased over the years but remains a significant issue. The government’s Human Capital Investment Committee aims to improve the health, education, and productivity of Nigerians by 2030.


  1. Nigeria’s progress towards achieving HCD targets has been slow, and the country’s ranking on the Human Capital Index is low. Prioritizing nutrition is crucial to contribute to national economic growth and development.


  1. The Partnership for Improving Nigeria Nutrition Systems 2.0 (PINNS-2.0) project seeks to enhance nutrition governance, data management, funding, and civil society alliances to address nutrition challenges and support HCD objectives. Gender inequality also affects health and nutrition decision-making processes.

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