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“How do people comfortably date multiple partners?” Solomon Buchi ask cheaters.

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Renowned relationship expert and author, Solomon Buchi, recently took to Twitter to express his contemplation on individuals involved in simultaneous relationships.

Buchi, an advocate for monogamy, shared his personal stance against juggling multiple relationships. He emphasized his commitment to providing undivided attention, unwavering dedication, and clear communication to one partner at a time. According to him, this approach leaves no room for another, prompting him to question how others handle the complexities of multiple relationships.

Responses to Buchi’s inquiry varied. Simple Femi suggested that diverse sexual interests might drive some individuals toward managing multiple relationships. Mercy, another commenter, concurred with Buchi’s viewpoint, acknowledging the challenges and exhaustion that come with maintaining numerous connections. Angela, a follower, delved into the potential anxiety and secrecy associated with dating multiple people, questioning how some manage it confidently.

This isn’t the first time Buchi has addressed societal views on relationships. In September, he challenged the notion of men doing women a favor by marrying them. He asserted that marriage doesn’t act as a ‘fix’ for a woman’s life, rejecting the idea that marriage should serve as a remedy for non-existent shame. Buchi urged men to discard misconceptions, possibly fueled by media portrayals, about women relying on marriage for fulfillment.

“I wonder how people date multiple partners because I give all my attention to one person. I fully commit to one person. I communicate with one person. I open up to one person. I can only speak for hours to one person. After doing all these, there’s nothing left for a second option.”

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