Indian Police Apprehend Three Nigerians for Drug Trafficking

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The Chandigarh Police Crime Branch in India announced the disruption of an international drug syndicate, culminating in the arrest of three foreign nationals and the confiscation of 204.8 grams of crystal methamphetamine, commonly referred to as ice.

As reported by the Times of India on Tuesday, the apprehended individuals—Frank Nwokeji, Loua, and Jack David Ilobi Tochukwu—are Nigerian nationals residing in New Delhi.

Loua, previously detained in 2019 under the NDPS Act for possession of 207 grams of heroin, had been released on bail before being arrested again for drug-related offenses.

Similarly, David had encountered legal issues in the past and had been apprehended by the Delhi Police on previous occasions.

According to the police, a team from the crime branch, led by Inspector Ashok Kumar, received information on March 30 indicating that three Africans, known to supply drugs in Chandigarh, were arriving with a significant quantity of narcotics.

The suspects, it was discovered, had entered India on medical and business visas for a short-term stay but had become involved in illicit drug trafficking and had overstayed illegally after their visas expired.

Further investigation revealed that the suspects procured the contraband from their home country at lower prices and then sold them at inflated prices in discos, pubs, and bars in the Tricity area.

The police disclosed that the investigation into the case was ongoing and expressed optimism about apprehending additional members of the drug syndicate.

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