“Phyna Expresses Concern over Unreceived Prizes and Money from BBNaija Season 7”

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Reality star Phyna has raised eyebrows by subtly calling out BBNaija for allegedly not fulfilling their promise of awarding her all the prizes and money she won during her time on the show, especially as they prepare to kick off a new season.

Taking to her Twitter page, the BBNaija alumna hinted at her disappointment, pointing out that despite the commencement of season 9, she is yet to receive all her winnings from season 7. However, she expressed reluctance to speak further on the matter to avoid being labeled as ungrateful.

In her tweet, she wrote: “New show 😂 Winner of season 7 hasn’t received all her prizes and money 💰 😂 Well, let me mind my business before they criticize me for biting the hand that fed me…. It is well ☹️ ☹️”

Her statement sparked various reactions from Twitter users:

@edum_in remarked: “If some of the brands are owing you, call them out not Big Brother.”

@Heropenny countered: “But you have seen more than just the money already. They decided not to give you fish but show you how to catch fishes with the platform.”

@call_mhi_henry advised: “@unusualphyna I can never troll you, but it’s not everything that you will post online. Remember BBNaija gave you a lifetime opportunity so you should at least appreciate 😊 I know this tweet is just for fun, but we moveeeee.”

@iamdistrict411 questioned: “So that big check was fake until now?”

Phyna’s remarks shed light on the potential challenges faced by reality stars in accessing their winnings and prizes, even after the conclusion of the show.

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